About us

Lantmännen Reppe AB is a company that has a long heritage. It was founded as long ago as 1876 by local entrepreneurs and has existed at the same location since the very beginning. In 1886, Reppe began producing glucose syrup which is still one of our major products. We process wheat, which is our raw ingredient for five main products – glucose syrup, vital wheat gluten, ethanol for human consumption, dried and modified starch, and raw ingredients for animal feed. We supply our products mainly to the food industry and the paper industry.

Lantmännen Reppe AB is present in two locations - Lidköping and Växjö. We have around 60 employees, evenly distributed between these locations.

Our production is a process industry and runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our typical customers come from within the confectionery, ice cream and paper industries.


  • Competent customer support based on sound experience and good skills
  • Founded in 1876 as one of Sweden's first starch factories
  • Production of starch syrup since 1886
  • Two production units - Lidköping and Växjö

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